As your ‘solution partner’, we are specialized in card payment systems, and coming up with special solutions for special situations with operational excellence…

Established in 1998 to transact ATM and card operations, Bileşim has become a joint shareholder of three state banks (T.C. Ziraat Bank, T. Halk Bank Inc. and T. Vakıflar Bank T.A.O.) as of February 2020.

With its expert staff in the field of payment systems, international certificate ownership, strong, up-to-date machine park and the ability to differentiate, Bileşim Inc. has become the card payment system company preferred by financial institutions with its structure that includes more than one service in areas such as ATMs, member work spaces, field support operations, call centers, credit cards, debit card and printing office, as well as the implementation processes of its customers’ brands (Advantage, Ziraat Maximum, Paraf) and products (KGS, Chip & PIN, Troy).

In bolstering its services with various awards, our company was awarded the category of “Most Creative Product in Payment Systems” by the EPCA (European Payments Consulting Association) and ECR (European Card Review), a highly respected media outlet in payment systems, with its KGS (Card Pass System) product in 2005, whereas EFMA awarded our product Second Prize for the ‘Most Creative Prepaid Card in the Card World’ category the same year.

According to the results of research determining the top 500 companies according to the turnover ranking of the Turkish informatics sector, Interpromedya, which is comprised of partners each having more than 30 years of corporate managerial experience, awarded Bileşim first and second prizes.

With its strong technological infrastructure, human resources that produce services and solutions under the leadership of Turkey’s well-established state banks, Bileşim is pleased to convey its experiences to its customers.