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Ergin KAYA

Chairman of the Board

After graduating from Ankara University’s Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Public Administration, Kaya began his banking career with Halk Bank Inc. in 1989. Subsequent to serving as Inspector until 2002, Kaya was appointed as Chief of the Internal Control Department. He was appointed Chief of Branch Operations Department in 2005 and continued in this capacity at the bank until July, 2017, when he was assigned as Deputy General Manager responsible for Operational Transactions and Information Technologies. Having served on our company’s Board of Directors since August, 2011, Mr. Kaya has also been serving as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors as of October, 2016 and as Chairman of the Board as of July, 2018.

Volkan GÜNAL

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Having graduated from Hacettepe University’s Department of Public Administration, Günal began working in Ziraat Bank Information Technologies Department in 1999. In working as Assistant Specialist, Specialist, Director and Manager in Card Systems and Channel Management units within the bank’s structure since 2002, Günal went on to serve as Member Workplace and POS Management Manager, then was appointed Chief of the Card Operations Department between September, 2014 and 2019. He has been employed as Chief of Operations Center-2 Department since December, 2019. Appointed as Member of the Board of Directors of our Company in March, 2020, he has been serving in the capacity of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors as of April, 2020.


Board Member

After graduating from METU’s Department of Mathematics in 2001, Postacıoğlu was employed at Vakıflar Bank as Assistant Inspector, particularly as Supervisory inspector in the field of Informatics between 2003 and 2012. Since 2012, he has worked as Manager of the Call Center, Customer Services, Internet and Mobile Banking, IT Business Development and Investment Management, IT Planning and Coordination and SME Customer Experience units. Postacıoğlu has been working as the Chairman of Vakıfbank Digital Banking and Distribution Channels since June, 2019. He was appointed as Member of the Board of Directors of our company in April, 2021. 


Board Member

After graduating from the Computer Sciences Engineering Department of Yıldız Technical University, he studied for a master’s degree in the Production Management Department in the Faculty of Business Administration at Istanbul University. He also carried out academic studies on software reliability models and software development methodologies. He started his career in the field of information technologies in the banking sector. He took office in the software, process, network/system, database, information security, and project management fields in the public and private sectors. He served as information technologies manager, software and business development director, assistant general manager for IT and operations, and general manager, respectively. Having served as the General Manager of the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center until April 2022, Murat HAKSEVEN has started taking office as the General Manager in Bileşim A.Ş. as of April 2022, and he has a good command of English.