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Human Resources

Ever since our service was inaugurated, Bileşim has supported its employees on professional development, career planning and social rights, with a ‘people first’ view, while providing opportunities for employees to take active roles in the processes.

Committed to excellence and providing quality service to its customers, Bileşim aims to create an employee profile which adopts information sharing and innovative thinking as a principle.

While striving to attain these goals, we;

Fulfill activities to be carried out in order to achieve company objectives with an optimum number of personnel,

Select and assign personnel with competence appropriate to the nature of the job,

Pay attention to and respect the personality of the staff while observing the protection of material and moral rights,

Provide safe and suitable working opportunities in line with the nature of the task,

Provide opportunities to establish work environments and social relations which increase the willingness and power of the staff to work,

Provide fair and equal opportunities to the personnel in regards to working, training and development according to their abilities,

Establish a wage and personal rights system which allows staff to find the quality and number of manpower required by the service, thus encouraging personnel to carry on their tasks without losing interest and efficiency,

Provide opportunities to personnel in order to boost their knowledge and experience, while rewarding successful personnel as much as possible,

Inform staff about issues concerning them in a timely manner by creating communication channels, through which they may easily convey their opinions and ideas to the management,

Take measures to ensure that personnel work in cost awareness, while keeping to the principles of efficiency and profitability,

Encourage staff to think creatively and produce new ideas which contribute towards developing company activities,

Promote vacancies as much as possible from within the company, and promote employees by taking their skills, personality, success, education and service periods into account, in order to preserve the company’s corporate culture and identity,

Our human resources policy is based on the basic principles of establishing and implementing a performance and career system that assesses personnel according to objective criteria and within the equity criteria.